Home Construction Certificate Courses


Brighton’s College Home Construction Certificate Courses will prepare the student for entry level employment in home construction. The skills developed will support the student in the home construction and renovation work. The program introduces building materials, techniques and work practices, hand and power tools, basic carpentry, and the importance of building materials, plans, specifications and codes.



With the successful completion of these courses, a student should be able to do the following:

  • Understand and report on home construction plans and drawing
  • Evaluate and report on the quality of the home’s exterior and interior construction and remodeling
  • Evaluate and report the mechanical system used in the home/residence and/or building
  • Evaluate and understand the correlation between plumbing concepts, maintenance and inspection
  • Understand the electrical system, its distribution throughout the home and the importance of National Electrical Code
  • Apply the concepts reviewed in each course and evaluate these in the context of home assessment, construction and safety


COURSE TITLE  Architectural Drawings 
Course Description The course offers a detailed description of construction drawings and understanding of drawing, plot plans, floor plans, elevations, sections, and structural, mechanical and electrical drawing.


COURSE TITLE Demolition and General Construction Laborers
Course Description The course compares the durability of the most popular building materials including different types of lumber, siding, concrete, brick and stone. Also, discussed are construction fasteners such as nails, screws, bolts and glue. The function of these materials and techniques used by builders and its use in the construction field.


COURSE TITLE Painter’s Helper
Course Description The course explains guidelines for the painting trade in the construction industry of the exterior of a house. Included in the guidelines are the appropriate concepts and usage for siding, wood, vinyl, brick, shingle, shake, paint and plaster.


COURSE TITLE Plumber’s Helper
Course Description The course introduces and identifies different types of supply and waste piping in a home along with concepts of plumbing maintenance, and inspection. The course also introduces multiple types of heating systems and hot water boiler units. Each system is described and evaluated with an emphasis on the components that are accessible in home construction and inspection.


COURSE TITLE Electrician’s Helper
Course Description The course discusses the basics of electricity transmission to and distribution through a home. Components of the electrical system are described and evaluated. Due to the stringent requirements for electrical systems during installation and replacement of various electrical equipment, the course offers an introduction to the National Electrical Code.


COURSE TITLE Carpenter’s Helper
Course Description The course explains and introduces various types of building structures, which range from wood frame to prefabricated ones, in addition, the course also highlights the various types of windows finishes, exterior doors, soffits, fascia, overhangs, gutters, vents, porches and stoops, finalizing with a review of residential ceilings, backings and finishes.